Saturday, March 14, 2015

prints are back

Hello everybody! 
its have been a while since I posted a new post.
I was very busy dealing with exams and some other obligation
yesterday I went outside with my adorable friend Odeliya and she took these amazing pictures for this blog . 
I wanted to shoot a spring outfit , and I wish you like this and it inspires you or even if you just enjoy this post.

The spring is coming ,and with a new season always comes new trends ,new ideas & shopping .
a week ago I went shopping and bought some gorgeous pieces: a pair of black shorts ,a basic tank top (the one in the photos) , and a pair of grey jeans . nothing too exciting but definitely fun  .
I love buying basics. 
this leads me to a conclusion I made a while ago ,
the fashion industry is going through an age of minimalism. that happened after an age when " more was more" . mixing prints, colour, texture and what not.
I predict that gradually the fashion industry is moving from minimalism to a more "over the top" style.
(when I think that rule to pulling off this look is to find the balance)
but as always even when the designers are picking up a trend to return , they try to improve it, give it a modern feeling and just max their abilities to the top .
I think that we going to see some amazing new prints and texture . especially in this period of time when technology takes over the world and give us some amazing new opportunities.
I know that I'm not a fashion expert but that's my opinion.
and I'm looking forward to new collections to come and meanwhile I'm embracing the print ,wearing this amazing floral maxi skirt with two split.

                 jacket : Argentina , skirt: H&M , tank top : forever21 , shoes : Renuar ( store from israel)

thank you very much to all my readers ! I really appreciate you supporting my little out coming blog! sending my love to all of you!♥