Thursday, July 23, 2015


Here I am again uploading after a long long break.
It has been very busy for me to managed the blog, the studies, friend ,family and a lot more together.
But I have been inspired lately to continue and invest some time in the blog
I have been watching this show, on E channel, about fashion bloggers, and I was amazed by all the amazing clothes, the wonderful places they go, and the things they do as a super successful bloggers.
I might not be rich, famous and very successful, but what so ever, blogging is fun for me.
And now more than ever (summer vacation) I have time to create wonderful content.
Another thing which gave me the final push to go back to blogging was my friend Odelia opening a new YouTube channel.
Odelia, who also took the magnificent pictures in my last post, has decided to open a YouTube channel. She asked me to join her on her first video- a summer lookbook (there will be a link to her channel and to the video down below).
We had some trouble to find a beautiful place to take pictures in our small-not-very-taken-care-of town, but if you really look carefully, you find something.
So here you go, some of the things I have been doing lately and some pictures of that day.

 I had to renew my passport the other day so I decided to go with my mom and make some fun from all the matter.
Unfortunately the Ministry of Interior was on strike, so all we had is some fun.
We took the elevator to the 14 floor of the building - the cafeteria, and bought some healthy snacks to eat (salad, yogurt with granola and cold tea).
And the view was of course, amazing.

Some of the pictures Odelia took of me while making the summer lookbook. 
The stripe tank top and the gladiator sandals are both from forever21. 
The skirt was made by me (kind of proud).

 Yesterday was a wonderful day. Went to Tel aviv with some friends, ate some big-ass burgers, had some fun at Tel aviv amusement park (luckily no one had to throw up) and finally went to Tel aviv center and just walk around and pop into stores. 

Looking forward to take some amazing pictures and post it in blog! love you all!♥  

Odelia summer lookbook video:
Odelia YouTube channel - Unizomb

Saturday, March 14, 2015

prints are back

Hello everybody! 
its have been a while since I posted a new post.
I was very busy dealing with exams and some other obligation
yesterday I went outside with my adorable friend Odeliya and she took these amazing pictures for this blog . 
I wanted to shoot a spring outfit , and I wish you like this and it inspires you or even if you just enjoy this post.

The spring is coming ,and with a new season always comes new trends ,new ideas & shopping .
a week ago I went shopping and bought some gorgeous pieces: a pair of black shorts ,a basic tank top (the one in the photos) , and a pair of grey jeans . nothing too exciting but definitely fun  .
I love buying basics. 
this leads me to a conclusion I made a while ago ,
the fashion industry is going through an age of minimalism. that happened after an age when " more was more" . mixing prints, colour, texture and what not.
I predict that gradually the fashion industry is moving from minimalism to a more "over the top" style.
(when I think that rule to pulling off this look is to find the balance)
but as always even when the designers are picking up a trend to return , they try to improve it, give it a modern feeling and just max their abilities to the top .
I think that we going to see some amazing new prints and texture . especially in this period of time when technology takes over the world and give us some amazing new opportunities.
I know that I'm not a fashion expert but that's my opinion.
and I'm looking forward to new collections to come and meanwhile I'm embracing the print ,wearing this amazing floral maxi skirt with two split.

                 jacket : Argentina , skirt: H&M , tank top : forever21 , shoes : Renuar ( store from israel)

thank you very much to all my readers ! I really appreciate you supporting my little out coming blog! sending my love to all of you!♥

Saturday, February 28, 2015

my week

hello everyone !
It has been an exhausting week for me ..
the mathematic exam I had on monday, then a school trip, dentist and going to a sewing lesson (after I had missed two lessons ) really brought me down and I felt terrible on thursday and friday. 
Luckily I felt much better and went out with my friend and now Im finally wirting a new post !

        these photos had been taken around my town .
        you can barely see the sea at the last photo.
        by the way my cardigan and my sweater are from forever 21,and my hat is from h&m.


       on tuesday I want to a trip with my school and took all these pictures.
       we went down the mountain and it was really tough .
       there was so much spines and rocks and I tried really hard not to fall.
       then we got to play some jumping rope and dodgeball like old times.

         (shoes from adidas)


      on thursday I usually go to Haifa , because its the only place I found where you can learn how to    sew around here. 
      it takes me about 1 hour to get there , so its about 2 hours back and forward to drive .
      but I never regret it .
      its just a beautiful , breathtaking drive . I get to see all the city light shining from Haifa mountain
      and im greatfull.
      also, getting to sew , it just a rock step I need to do in order to fulfil my dream-  becoming a          fashion designer , 
      and im loving it,

Thursday, February 19, 2015


hello everybody ,
I have been thinking a lot about what im gonne wirte in my first post
however ,I have been busy these days paprering myself for an importnat exam in history until yesterday , but I had got some time to shot my neaklesses collection. 
so I hope you would get a "shot" of inspeartion.

*a lot of my neaklaces are from a store in israel called topten 
I cheaked out their widesite (wich is written in hebrew) and I dont think they do deliveries to others country or if they even sell items online.

                                                     a neaklace I bought in a trip to arantina

                                               a neaklace from the store"top-ten" here in israel

                                                               another neaklace from top-ten

                                                           neaklace : topten

                                                         neaklace: topten 

                                               lucky bone neaklace from forever 21

                                             another neaklace I bought doring my trip to argntina
                                             I actualy bought that at an art fair in the town I was born.

                                              a neaklace from forever 21

                                             another neaklace from top ten

                                            I have bought this neaklace a while ago at a local
                                            store in my town.

                                              a neaklace set from topten

                                                 a neaklace from topten

                                             a neaklace from topten

                                             another neaklace from forever21

                                             again , but now for the last time, another neaklace
                                             from topten

                                               and that's it !

I just can't hold myself from telling you about what Im gonna wirte next 
I want to wirte a blog about my big passion- my dream - how my dream built out and how im planning to make this dream to come true (clue : I want to work as a fashion designer -what a suprise!)
and in this weekend im planning to do a quiqe photoshot around my town and post it in the blog (if the weather is fine).

I hope you enjoyed this post


Saturday, February 14, 2015

an Introduction

hello ,my name is nuriel and I am 15 years old from israel .
It has been a while sience I wanted to start a fashion- lifestyle blog , so I decieded it's never too late.
I hope you will enjoy this blog.
and that's it ! 

**English is not my first language but I will wirte my post in english because I want the blog to appeal to more people . Sometimes my grammar will be awful ,but you can always correct me.