Thursday, July 23, 2015


Here I am again uploading after a long long break.
It has been very busy for me to managed the blog, the studies, friend ,family and a lot more together.
But I have been inspired lately to continue and invest some time in the blog
I have been watching this show, on E channel, about fashion bloggers, and I was amazed by all the amazing clothes, the wonderful places they go, and the things they do as a super successful bloggers.
I might not be rich, famous and very successful, but what so ever, blogging is fun for me.
And now more than ever (summer vacation) I have time to create wonderful content.
Another thing which gave me the final push to go back to blogging was my friend Odelia opening a new YouTube channel.
Odelia, who also took the magnificent pictures in my last post, has decided to open a YouTube channel. She asked me to join her on her first video- a summer lookbook (there will be a link to her channel and to the video down below).
We had some trouble to find a beautiful place to take pictures in our small-not-very-taken-care-of town, but if you really look carefully, you find something.
So here you go, some of the things I have been doing lately and some pictures of that day.

 I had to renew my passport the other day so I decided to go with my mom and make some fun from all the matter.
Unfortunately the Ministry of Interior was on strike, so all we had is some fun.
We took the elevator to the 14 floor of the building - the cafeteria, and bought some healthy snacks to eat (salad, yogurt with granola and cold tea).
And the view was of course, amazing.

Some of the pictures Odelia took of me while making the summer lookbook. 
The stripe tank top and the gladiator sandals are both from forever21. 
The skirt was made by me (kind of proud).

 Yesterday was a wonderful day. Went to Tel aviv with some friends, ate some big-ass burgers, had some fun at Tel aviv amusement park (luckily no one had to throw up) and finally went to Tel aviv center and just walk around and pop into stores. 

Looking forward to take some amazing pictures and post it in blog! love you all!♥  

Odelia summer lookbook video:
Odelia YouTube channel - Unizomb


  1. Those shoes are so cute! I love your blog.


  2. You have lovely pictures. You look great. :)

    I write Mademoiselle Meets Maquillage and Macaroons and I would love it if you gave it a read.

    Deepti x

  3. That burger looks so delicious!!!