Saturday, February 28, 2015

my week

hello everyone !
It has been an exhausting week for me ..
the mathematic exam I had on monday, then a school trip, dentist and going to a sewing lesson (after I had missed two lessons ) really brought me down and I felt terrible on thursday and friday. 
Luckily I felt much better and went out with my friend and now Im finally wirting a new post !

        these photos had been taken around my town .
        you can barely see the sea at the last photo.
        by the way my cardigan and my sweater are from forever 21,and my hat is from h&m.


       on tuesday I want to a trip with my school and took all these pictures.
       we went down the mountain and it was really tough .
       there was so much spines and rocks and I tried really hard not to fall.
       then we got to play some jumping rope and dodgeball like old times.

         (shoes from adidas)


      on thursday I usually go to Haifa , because its the only place I found where you can learn how to    sew around here. 
      it takes me about 1 hour to get there , so its about 2 hours back and forward to drive .
      but I never regret it .
      its just a beautiful , breathtaking drive . I get to see all the city light shining from Haifa mountain
      and im greatfull.
      also, getting to sew , it just a rock step I need to do in order to fulfil my dream-  becoming a          fashion designer , 
      and im loving it,


  1. Nice hat :) Also love the material of the cardigan, so fluffy :)

  2. As always beautiful blog and pictures!! you're talented!! proud of you, never stop <3

  3. beautiful post and love your blog background - so cute!

  4. You are such a stunning, natural beauty! : ) I really love your outfit and the countryside around your town looks amazing.
    Céline blogging on

  5. Love all of these beautiful photos (and your hat)!

    x Sarah

  6. Beautiful photos! :) x

  7. Gorgeous photos! I love that hat on you!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  8. sounds like a busy time- cute look though! I have exams coming up as well... ugh!

    I'd love it if you could come check out my blog as well! x

  9. That outfit is so cute! Love hats :)

  10. I’m in love with your blog! I like your photos and style of writing! I know that it requires so much time to update blog, but keep doing it!)
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. thank you so much ! i really appreciate it

  11. Love the vibe of your pics! <3 And you look great.. Love the cardi and the hat <3
    xo xo

    Marina from

  12. Beautiful!
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    Travel and Fashion Blog. Posts about Athen, Beijing, the Provence, Hollywood...

  13. Sounds like a very heavy yet succesfull week!
    And I love your outfit, it suits you so well!

    XO Imke

  14. Love the jacket and hat!! Love hats!! ;)
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

    My Showroom

  15. I am really loving this outfit, especially the hat!

    I'm a fashion and lifestyle blogger from NYC. Check my page for great inspiration and commentary :) Would love to collaborate with new bloggers!

    1. thank you so much! definitely going to check your blog! i would like to collaborate as well if its possible because im from Israel