Thursday, February 19, 2015


hello everybody ,
I have been thinking a lot about what im gonne wirte in my first post
however ,I have been busy these days paprering myself for an importnat exam in history until yesterday , but I had got some time to shot my neaklesses collection. 
so I hope you would get a "shot" of inspeartion.

*a lot of my neaklaces are from a store in israel called topten 
I cheaked out their widesite (wich is written in hebrew) and I dont think they do deliveries to others country or if they even sell items online.

                                                     a neaklace I bought in a trip to arantina

                                               a neaklace from the store"top-ten" here in israel

                                                               another neaklace from top-ten

                                                           neaklace : topten

                                                         neaklace: topten 

                                               lucky bone neaklace from forever 21

                                             another neaklace I bought doring my trip to argntina
                                             I actualy bought that at an art fair in the town I was born.

                                              a neaklace from forever 21

                                             another neaklace from top ten

                                            I have bought this neaklace a while ago at a local
                                            store in my town.

                                              a neaklace set from topten

                                                 a neaklace from topten

                                             a neaklace from topten

                                             another neaklace from forever21

                                             again , but now for the last time, another neaklace
                                             from topten

                                               and that's it !

I just can't hold myself from telling you about what Im gonna wirte next 
I want to wirte a blog about my big passion- my dream - how my dream built out and how im planning to make this dream to come true (clue : I want to work as a fashion designer -what a suprise!)
and in this weekend im planning to do a quiqe photoshot around my town and post it in the blog (if the weather is fine).

I hope you enjoyed this post



  1. love all of them, especially the choker!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

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  3. These are soo pretty! Love the pointy stone one.



  4. The lucky bone neaklace its my fav!! Love your blog ;)


  5. nice collection of necklaces .. neck wear really adds to the persona of the women , we have an online store , please come and visit us :

  6. cute wishbone necklace, i love dainty pieces

    xx Angie |

  7. So many pretty necklaces!! I don't own as much as you but now I want to go out and buy a few!

  8. gorgeous necklaces

  9. Super cute necklaces, I love the ones from top ten!

    x Kellie

  10. I’m in love with your blog! It was so interesting to read your posts and also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos!
    p.s. new post - how I met Victoria Beckham

    Diana Cloudlet

  11. Oh they are absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the third one, it looks like something from a fairy tale : ) Good luck with your blog and your dream!
    Céline blogging on

  12. Nice collection! It's so nice to have such variety. And your blog is very cute. I like your cactus background!